Midall & Stones

Installation & Construction

We work as a team to provide a service to suit the clients´ requirements. Within our suite of services, we offer the complete solution from point of concept with the local supply authority to the last power point.

In today´s retail outlets, the demands on power and light are many and varied.

Within a pre-determined area, often with limited space, the retailer must not only provide facilities for point-of-sale, but also for storage of stock, offices, and staff facilities.

Power, lighting, heat and aesthetics are all important, and the installation of these must be undertaken with great care, logic thought and attention to detail.

What is suitable in one area will not work in another and just as the right lighting can dramatically increase customer interest; it can also create a better working environment for those working in all areas of a given outlet.

As a professional contractor, M&S understand these demands. Through our knowledge and experience we design tailor-made installations that best serve our clients, their chosen property, and their budgets.

As specialists in our field, our clients rely on our expertise to make such recommendations to enhance the way they merchandise and retail their products.

M&S have been working to these expectations for many years and are always looking for ways to improve the work we do for you.

All our work is carried out with full compliance to the current associated health and safety procedures.