Midall & Stones

Health & Safety

Every part of our work is supported by a commitment to safety and an adherence to current Health and Safety guidelines. We ensure that wherever our operatives are present they are working in an environment that is safe for them, contractors who are working alongside them, and any other visitors to the site.

High standards of health and safety have become a habit not an extra. We have developed our Health and Safety Policy over a period of time, constantly making improvements and alterations as experience teaches us how we can improve our systems.

As a result of our wide and long experience we appreciate the varying demands of different types of location.

For example, in the many fitness and leisure centres we service, health and safety concerns are numerous and varied. Whilst a swimming pool or changing room must be inviting and user friendly, they must also contain potential hazards and risks which need to be taken into account at all times.

We work closely with local Health and Safety Officers, our clients´ advisors, and in-house teams.

Even a simple light switch deserves time and effort to ensure safety for your users.

At M&S we handle such areas day in and day our making them our concern, not your worry.